Pai Gow Poker History

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We recognize that this is a very strange and not very suitable name for playing in a casino. The name sounds something oriental, although poker has always been identified with the western world. Pai Gow actually has Asian roots. Previously, in this centuries-old game, numbered tiles were used, which were later replaced by cards, in order to attract a larger number of Westerners, this is how Pai Gow Poker appeared.

Pai Gow Poker is also played as poker, only the Joker is present. All hands are evaluated in accordance with the standard rules of poker, so for many the game will seem very familiar and easy to understand. This game is really a fun alternative to poker, in which it is very easy to reduce the amount of losses if you stick to a winning style of play. This is a very simple and at the same time interesting game that will become a favorite for everyone.


There are two stories in this game: ancient and modern. The Pai Gow game was invented during the Song Dynasty, in those days it was played with tiles that resembled domino knuckles. The game was attended by up to 8 people who arranged their tablets in such a way as to form a pair of hands, which today in Pai Gow poker are called “back hand” and “front hand”. These two hands are used to win, and the main thing is that in order to pick up the pot, they both have to win.

That’s how they used to play Pai Gow. On the other hand, modern Pai Gow poker has kept the originality of its ancestor, but only the means of the game have changed, instead of tiles, a standard deck of cards with which two pairs of hands are formed, the first five cards are the “back hand”, the other two cards are the “front hand” », Which are used to form a pair of cards.

How Pai Gow Poker was created

According to the latest entries. Pai Gow poker first appeared in the Western world of gambling Las Vegas in 1979 in a casino called Caesars Palace. This was the first casino, and the only casino that offered at that time Pai Gow poker. It is believed that this is a strictly American invention, their game first appeared at the Bell Card Club in California, where the game quickly attracted all the attention – all the tables were occupied by Pai Gow poker, they even thought of renaming the Pai Gow Poker Club casino.

The owner of this club, Mr. Torosyan, after meeting with the old Chinese game Pai Gow, decided to introduce it into everyday life, but adapt it to Western standards, changing his hands for poker, which made the game more understandable and this brought her tremendous success and fame. The main mistake of Mr. Torosyan was that he did not patent the game. Today, Pai Gow poker brings revenues estimated at millions, and, unfortunately, it has gone beyond these awards.

Modern Pai Gow Poker

In the 90s, all casinos throughout the United States accepted this exciting game with pleasure. The game even spread abroad in South America and Europe, and even in China, where the Macau casino flooded the entire gambling market. Pai Gow poker today is an integral part of all major online casinos. In fact, online Pai Gow poker is a particularly popular board game among casino players. The game, reportedly, refers to low-risk games, allows you to play at high stakes, apparently the game brings not a small income to its players.